Durum wheat semolina

A golden, protein-rich flour ideal for crafting delicious pasta and baked goods.

0% maida

Offering a healthier choice with 0% maida content, redefining nutrition in every bite.

Untouched by hand – Made with European tech

Crafted with precision using cutting-edge European technology for unparalleled quality.

Bambino vermicelli has 2% more protein

Bambino vermicelli: Now enriched with 2% more protein, elevating both taste and nutrition.

Fortified with vitamins and minerals

Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, enhancing nutritional value for a healthier choice.

International pasta at Indian prices

Enjoy international-quality pasta at unbeatable Indian prices with Bambino vermicelli.

Explore Our Globally Inspired Flavors

Balian - Double Roasted Sooji/Rava

Experience the richness of flavor and texture in every dish with our premium quality offering.

Longcut Vermicelli

Embrace tradition and flavor with our premium pasta choice.

Nutraawell - Premium Fusilli Pasta

Elevate your meals with our superior quality, gourmet pasta.

Nutraawell - Premium Penne Pasta

Indulge in the finest quality pasta for a truly satisfying meal.

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